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FIC Trading Intern | Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Your experience in FIC, in addition to having the opportunity to learn more about the market and its products while helping the team daily, might include pricing products for traders, preparing financial data analysis and pitching trades to the team.
The FIC trading team executes foreign exchange, interest rates, derivatives and fixed income operations. It is responsible for allocating the bank's capital at risk, pricing client operations and managing its financial risk.

What You’ll Do
• Support to the FIC Trading team on daily activities
• Risk and P&L control in the post market
• Preparation and maintenance of spreadsheets/automation processes


Skills You’ll Need
• Business, Engineering, Math, Physics or Economics bachelor's student . (Cursando pela manhã)
• Availability to intern for 1,5 or 2 years.
• Proficiency in programming (VBA / Python)
• Fluent / Advanced in English
• MS Office Knowledge

Skills That Will Help You Excel
• SQL Database basic learnings
• Good Communication
• Resilience
• Self-starter
• self-motivated


Informações adicionais:

Envie seu CV para com o título “CV – Estágio FIC”


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