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Trade Flow Advisory & Services Intern | Deutsche Bank

Deustche Bank

Trade Finance offers customers in Brazil, among other products, the Confirmed Payables product, which makes it possible to anticipate receivables.
The Trade Flow Advisory & Services Brazil Area is responsible for implementing and ensuring support for Trade Finance customers. (Contract, platform, interfaces, payment information/status and information for reconciliation, auditing, and receipts).

What You’ll Do:
Support for Trade Finance customers, which includes:

-Setup and Support for the FSCM App;
-Platform/product access, related issues and training;
-Validation of files and layouts
-Confirmed Payables;
-Support connectivity issues;
-Customer training on Supplier Finance (FSCM);
-Contact with internal areas (Local and International);
-Contact with customer and Sales;
-Update of internal controls/spreadsheets.
-This function requires from the candidate: organization, commitment, attention, teamwork, patience, and cordiality.


-Advanced English
-MS Office knowledge
-Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, International Relations, and correlated courses. (Cursando no período noturno).
-Availability to intern for 2 years.


Informações adicionais:

Envie seu CV para com o título “CV – Estágio TFAS”


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